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WFTV Channel 9 Orlando 
Real Media File pill.rm
Dr. Shafran discusses the Given Imaging encapulated endosopic tool. (Pill camera)
WKMG Orlando 11 O'clock news August 20, 2001
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Dr. Shafran discusses stem cell therapy for Crohn's

HealthWeek December 12, 2000
Real Media File HealthWeek.rm
Dr. Shafran discusses MAP and Crohn's Disease

Ask The Family Doctor June 7, 1998
Real Media File ATFDI.rm (Part 1) ATFDII.rm (Part 2)
Dr. Shafran discusses MAP and Crohn's Disease.
Ask The Family Doctor October 8, 1998
Real Media File ATFD1.rm (Part 1) ATDF2.rm (Part 2)
Dr. Shafran discusses Ulcerative Colitis
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