Crohn's Disease Research Inc.


CDRI  is a non profit organization dedicated to finding "a cause and a cure" for Crohn's Disease.

Our goal is to beat this devastating disease and to give the suffers the cure they deserve and so desperately need.


We are currently researching mycobacterium avium ss. paratuberculosis (MAP) and it's probable role in Crohn's Disease (CD). We are located in Maitland Florida, near Orlando, but we are in collaboration with researchers from around the world. 

We are involved in the following areas of research:

  • Creation of serological testing for the MAP bacteria.
  • Microscopic analysis of the MAP bacteria to determine better ways of eradicating the infection and minimizing the damage it does.
  • Clinical trials of new treatment options and medications.
  • Developing new diagnostic tools to quickly and accurately diagnose Crohn's Disease
  • Developing new treatment options.
CDRI is involved in the education of new treatment option and medication for both the patient and physician.

To learn more about Crohn's Disease and RMAT, one of the new treatments we are excited about. Please visit the Crohn's Disease Center.

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We Need Your Support

There has been much excitement and encouragement over the course of time since Crohn's Disease Research Inc. first embarked on this journey toward finding the cause and cure for Crohn's Disease. We have experienced disappointments along the way, but what lifts us up are the patients that are getting well. We have heard many of you exclaim that you have gotten your lives back from this horrible disease. This is the reason we are pressing forward with this important research. We need funding for the following areas. Click on the links to find out more.


Serological: Statistical:
  • Analyzing and correlating data gathered from 200 CD patients.


Right now, we are running out of funds to continue in these areas. We need your support, both monetary and physical, to keep this research going. There are so many questions that must be answered and the current medical establishments are not funding scientists or clinicians to research these areas. Please consider ways you will commit to help these studies continue until a cure is found.